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Globalizing the student rebellion in the long ’68

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Added 2018-09-28
ISBN-13: 978-84-948270-3-7
Date of first publication: 2018-09-28 (Hijri Calendar)

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Globalizing the student rebellion in the long ’68

Andrés Payà Rico, José Luis Hernández Huerta, Antonella Cagnolati, Sara González Gómez, Sergio Valero Gómez (Volume editor)

This volume brings us closer to the dynamics of the educational world, especially students, from a wide range of national and regional scenarios, with a special focus on Europe and Latin America. In this way, a plural panorama is shown, in which the stories centered on the usual protagonists of the 1968 processes are accompanied by other scenarios, often considered secondary, but which this volume inserts in a more general story that helps us understand how the processes of the 60s were not concrete or national, but got an absolute regional and global significance. We see a complex process of transnational demand that ranged from Eastern Europe, included in the Soviet bloc, to the very heart of the Western Hemisphere, with the United States as the main axis, passing through the politically varied Western Europe, submitted to the same processes and cultural influences. In this sense, to the works that deal with the United States and France, are added others focused on Italy, Spain and Brazil, as priority focus areas, together with other European and Latin American landscapes: Great Britain, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico, without missing, in addition, the case of one of the most unique actors on the international scene: the State of Israel.

With this volume, we want to continue advancing in the knowledge of the educational world of the second half of the 20th century. Great are the challenges of this world at the beginning of the 21st century and many of them were already evident in 1968. Others have materialized as a result of those events. To confront both of them, we must first identify and analyze them, as well as being aware of their magnitude. We hope that all this work can contribute to this aim.

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Payà Rico, A., Hernández Huerta, J. L., Cagnolati, A., González Gómez, S., & Valero Gómez, S. (Eds.). (2018). Globalizing the student rebellion in the long ’68 (A. M. Gómez Sánchez Ed. care). Salamanca: FahrenHouse.

About the Volume editor: Andrés Payà Rico

University of Valencia. Spain

About the Volume editor: José Luis Hernández Huerta

University of Valladolid. Spain

About the Volume editor: Antonella Cagnolati

University of Foggia. Italy

About the Volume editor: Sara González Gómez

University of the Balearic Islands. Spain

About the Volume editor: Sergio Valero Gómez

University of Valencia. Spain

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  • Globalizing the student rebellion in the long ’68
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