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The borders of Fantasia

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Added 2015-11-07
ISBN-13: 978-84-942675-9-8
Publication date: 2015-06-12 (Hijri Calendar)

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The borders of Fantasia

Antonella Cagnolati (Volume editor)

Fantasy is a strange cosmos indeed: made of pale shadows and dreams, it appears to our minds of avid readers absolutely concrete and true. We can talk with animals, fly with birds, fight against the dangerous dragoon… as we are vivid characters living inside the story. Normally some particular tools are required to become part of this world: we can mention a sincere heart, an innocent mind, a true faith in tales, and the strong will to belong to that magic Kingdom of Fantasia. As we see, no money, no envy, no wickedness are needed: just going and reading. So we are perfectly convinced each of us could change himself/herself in a pure citizen of this magic land where peace, friendship, honesty flourish. And we would like it quite a lot! Unfortunately, the danger stands at the borders of Fantasia and it is waiting to destroy everything: it is the lack of creativeness, the darkness killing moral values, the loss of hope in the future. And in the real world is absolutely easy to leave all the good things behind to follow cruel prophets of death. So, in these painful days, we need to restore and keep safe our fantasy, not only for us but for the next generations to which we commit our Earth: we clearly perceive it is the only wall of defense against savagery, barbarity and bloody cruelty. The essays presented in this volume aim at deeply exploring the fascinating Kingdom we love so much, starting from picture books for little children and ending with literature for young adults.

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Cagnolati, A. (Ed.). (2015). The borders of Fantasia. Salamanca: FahrenHouse.

Table of Contents

«Belonging to the Kingdom of Fantasia», Antonella Cagnolati // «Prendere parola, domandare senso. La relazione educativa nella letteratura contemporanea per adolescenti», Ilaria Filograsso // «From Basile to Barbie. Doll fantasies, toy princesses, and clockwork females», Laura Tosi // «La materia di Bretagna secondo Merlino: The Crystal Cave di Mary Stewart», Tiziana Ingravallo // «Eltern-Katalog. Kinderliteratur, Bilderbücher und neue Familien», Maria Teresa Trisciuzzi // «Hermynia Zur Mühlen: Erase una vez … y será», Leonor Sáez Méndez // «Transformations of the Bildungsroman in Young Adult Literature in English», Šárka Bubíková // «Not only Princesses and Knights. How gender image changes in Italian picture books», Irene Biemmi // «Janusz Korczak tra pedagogia dell’impegno e letteratura per l’infanzia», Barbara De Serio // «Promoting readership in African languages: Swahili books for children and youth in East Africa», Flavia Aiello // «La búsqueda de identidad entre experiencias de vida y literatura», Francesco Lambiase.

About the Volume editor: Antonella Cagnolati

PhD in History of European Culture (XIV-XVII cc.). Professor (Associate) at the University of Foggia (Italy). Editor of Espacio, Tiempo y Educación.

More information in: ResearchGate and Academia.edu.

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